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Bordered Plant Bug

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The Bordered Plant Bug, or “Largus Succinctus,” gets its name from sucking on the edges of plants. They love wood and weeds; this is why they are commonly found in the southern regions of America, like Phoenix, California, and Mississippi. These bugs are about ½ an inch long, steel blue, and have reddish-yellow markings. They’re pretty cute, and they’re not fatal. The mothers lay eggs next to a food source such as a plant or fashionable jacket. After about a week, the nymphs hatch. By adulthood, the bugs have grown wings, and can fly from plant to plant.

These bugs are not an issue for your personal health, but an infestation of Bordered Plant Bugs will cause jeopardize parts of your home. Bordered Plant Bugs have suction mouthparts to consume food, and they commonly consume fruit, plant juices, and cotton. Bordered Plant Bugs are a threat to gardens and closets because of this reason. If you start to notice small holes in your cotton clothing or fruit-bearing plants, it is possible there is an infestation of Bordered Plant Bugs. It is more common that during the warm months, Bordered Plant Bugs will dwell outside and eat off lush areas in the neighborhood. When temperatures start to cool down, Bordered Plant Bugs will move into cracks, crevices, doors, and homes, searching for a nice place to ride out the winter months. This is when they are most likely to infest closets and bedrooms, since cotton is a food favorite.

These bugs are more of a nuisance than a harmful inhabitant. They don’t cause any damage to the plants they feed off of, nor will they cause damage to you if they land on you by accident. If they feel endangered, Bordered Plant Bugs will secrete a smelly and noxious odor to ward off predators (like humans), but this really won’t do anything to hurt humans. In order to prevent an infestation, it is best to keep weeds out of the garden and backyard, since they have been known to chomp yummy weeds. Keep cracks and doorways sealed, especially in the winter, so that the half-inch bugs can’t get through. If a problem persists, spray pesticides on the edges of your doors, or call your exterminators for support on how to rid your home of these bothersome bugs.

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