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Mud Dauber (Wasp)

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The Mud Dauber is a certain type of wasp. They get their name from the mud huts that they build as living spaces. Unlike other wasps, which you can locate by their hazardous hives, the Mud Dauber creates small mounds in the ground, subtle and secret. They also can have hanging mud lodges in the roofs of buildings, like nests. These wasps are solitary, so their homes are not as large as beehives. Their eggs are laid in cells along the mud walls, occurring a few times a year. They aren't aggressive, but they can be problem in garages, gardens, and business entryways, as they create a nuisance with the illusion that they will sting you while they're brooding.

There are different types of Mud Dauber, and although none of them are fatal to humans, they all look pretty scary. The pipe organ mud dauber makes nests of long, parallel dirt tubes, like a pipe organ. It lines the barriers of its nest with spiders. Taking the fright one step further, the black and yellow mud dauber paralyzes spiders and lines its nests with them, as a demonstration to the others. Its mafia-like behavior clearly communicates a desire for isolation. These wasps will conjugate near muddy areas, like plumbing outlets or garden fences, to accumulate the necessary tools for their homes. The king of Mud Daubers, the blue mud dauber, infests outdated nests of the black and yellow mud dauber. This Mud Dauber can be compared to an anarchist punk rocker, who lives in abandoned warehouses and lines the walls with black widow spiders. I am unsure if anarchists do that, but it is a characteristic of this frightening wasp. Do not invade their property, for the poison embodied in their kidnapped widow corpses can be fatal, although the sting of the mud dauber is harmless and rare.

You can identify the mud dauber by its home near your home. It isn't usually detrimental to property, but it can be an issue in overhangs of doorways, porches, and other leisure areas. You can remove the mud nest by cutting it apart with a butter knife. It's just mud. But beware of the spiders that could be taken hostage within the nest. Contact your local exterminator today for a free estimate if you feel like you need Mud Dauber removal.

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Beebe's describes the various types of mud dauber, and their varying distinguishable characteristics. Beebe's describes symptoms of mud dauber infestation and suggests contacting a company in the event that removal is necessary, although they aren't aggressive.