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Meet the Beebe family

We are committed to dependable full service Pest, Termite and Bee Solutions to homeowners and commercial customers. We continue to use a variety of high quality and environmentally safe materials effectively applied to provide outstanding results. We have carefully built our business to several thousand satisfied customers with a fleet of modern vehicles, state of the art equipment and expertly trained technicians. 

With our understanding of insect behavior we will provide control measures that will be customized to your specific needs, resulting in year around pest management. 

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we are about trust

  • What pesticides to you use and is it safe?
    We use the top of the line products which active ingredient is called Bifenthrin, which comes from the chrysanthemum flowers. It is safe to humans and animals but toxic to insects!
  • Are all bees in Arizona Killer Bees?
    All honey-bee swarms and hives should be treated as Africanized bees because virtually all honey bees in Arizona have been Africanized since before the year 2000, and because Africanized bees often sting in large numbers.
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