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Did You Know This About Scorpions?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

By Beebe's Pest Control July 5th, 2022

I have to say that I am deathly afraid of scorpions, even growing up as a native. I sometimes lay there at night thinking of a scorpion dropping from the vent above me and landing on my pillow, but then of course I remember I just had my house sprayed ;)

Here are 3 facts about these terrifying creatures that you maybe didn't know about.

1. They Glow In UV Light

photo credit: Canva

When scorpions reach adulthood, they develop fluorescent chemicals in their hyaline layer, part of the cuticle in their exoskeleton, that cause them to glow under ultraviolet light. This incredible ability has scientists stumped, and theories include; it helps protect them from sunlight, helps them locate each other, or helps them hunt. Either way, they are cool to find in the dark!

2. They Dance Before Mating

photo credit: shutter stock

Just like humans, scorpions get to know each other before mating too. This courtship dance vary by each species, but if the female shows interest in the male, they typically begin by facing off and holding onto one another, then rotating back and forth with their tails above their backs. The dance may last anywhere from minutes to hours. At the end of the dance, the male deposits his spermatophore on the ground for the female, then leaves. Adios!

1. Scorpions Were Here Before The Dinosaurs

Photo credit: canva

Imagine finding a fossil that dates back 420 million years ago. Scorpions may be the oldest land animals still living today. Ancient scorpions were among the first marine animals to venture onto dry land. For comparison, the earliest-known dinosaurs evolved about 240 million years ago. And modern humans only date back about 200,000 years, which means we're roughly 2,100 times younger than scorpions.

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