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Monsoon Season: What Bugs You Can Expect To See

by: Beebe's Pest Control

Monsoon season has hit the valley and while the change in weather is a relief, it brings in the bugs that thrive the best in this rainy climate. The most common insects to thrive in Arizona's rainy weather are ants, mosquitoes, palo verde beetles and especially termites.

Ants and Monsoon Season

While ants may seem like a nuisance all year round, the rain will actually draw them out. Their colonies will flood as it downpours, forcing them to seek shelter. Where are they seeking shelter? The inside of your home. The best way to avoid ant invasion during this time is to keep your space cleaned, such as counters, kitchen floors, dog bowls ect.

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Mosquitoes and Monsoon Season

Mosquitoes prefer pools of water where they can lay their eggs. The Monsoon season is the perfect environment to mosquitoes to thrive. The Mosquitoes are drawn to water, so the best way to keep them at bay? Get a routine treatment for the front and back of your yard. If you want to sit in the backyard and enjoy the rolling clouds and thunder, our tip is to keep lavender and tea tree oil around. Mosquitoes do not like these scents, so if you are an essential oils lover, this combo will be a repellent to the blood suckers.

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Palo Verde Beetles and Monsoon Season

You may have seen these frightfully large beetles during Monsoon Season. They are part of the longhorn beetle family and they only live for about a month. They may look terrifying but they are harmless. The weather change will draw them out of the shelter of the Palo Verde trees and their only mission is to find a mate to lay eggs.

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Termites and Monsoon Season

Termites excel in this kind of weather: damp, moist, soft wood and even softer dirt. During the Monsoon Season, termites are having a party. They love to dig when the ground is soft and moist, and the wood is covered with rain water. They are attracted to the moisture in the soil and then, search for their food source: wood. In the process, they make mud tubes to survive. If you see those inside or outside of your home, it is a clear indication that you've got termites. Termite tubes can be built in as little as 12 hours. These mud tunnels cannot just be knocked down , they have to be treated from under the foundation of the home.

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