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5 Tips & Tricks to Help Keep Pests Away

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

by: Beebe's Pest Control

Crumbs on the floor can be very attractive to ants and other insects. Food leftovers can be appealing to rats, as well as the food in uncovered trash cans. This can also attract flies which will lay their eggs on the rotting food. Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water. Humidity also attracts subterranean termites, and so do various pieces of wood stored in improper conditions. Fruits and vegetables left uncovered can also attract fruit flies.

One of the biggest tips we can give, is to always keep the house tidy ( including the garage). The kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms and back yard will attract the most pests, so focus your attention on these areas that have access to plumbing. Keep the house tidy by putting away left overs, dirty dishes, do not leave standing water, and keep an eye on those little ones as they love to get into everything! Pests will especially be attracted to water sources such as the hose that is slightly dripping or the water splashes around the sink & toilet.

We all love our fur babies and we all know how much of a mess they can be too. Always clean around their dog bowls and water dishes. The best tip we can give is to put a towel under the water dish especially the sloppy drinkers!! When you buy pet food, it often comes in plastic bags or in cans. Both plastic bags and cans can be hard to reseal properly. You do not want bugs finding their way inside or being attracted to the smell of these improperly sealed containers. Pour your pet food from the bag or can into an airtight, sealable plastic container. These plastic containers will keep the odor in and the bugs out. Be sure to store the food and the bowls off the ground.

Mold can attract bugs just by the smell of it. Moisture can get into your house through a variety of means , leaky roofs, leaky pipes, unventilated bathrooms, spills, drafts and your crawl space.

Bugs need food to survive and mold is one source of nutrition. Mold will attract gnats and mold mites as well as other pests like roaches, crickets, slugs and more.

The smell of mold alone will attract all kinds of insects. While we might not like these smells, bugs do. Termites especially will thrive where there is mold and moisture. Because mold breaks down wood, the termite tunnels are easier to make. In turn, termites provide mold more areas to grow deeper into the wood.

Bugs will likely go away once you deal with the mold and moisture. However, if an infestation is severe, you’ll need a local pest control specialist to exterminate them.

Did you know flies will lay their eggs on rotting food such as fruits and veggies on the counter like bananas, anything left uncovered will attract fruit flies. Always store food in sealed containers. Crumbs on the counters will attract ants and other insects, make sure the kitchen counters are always clean and throw away what's not needed into sealed garbage bins.

Houseplant bugs are usually attracted by indoor growing conditions that have a higher humidity or lack of air circulation. If you are going to bring any plants indoors that are usually found in the outdoors, you can expect the rest of nature’s pests to follow shortly after. Plant tip: ALWAYS let your soil dry in between watering sessions to reduce your chances of bugs. If you find that your soil tends to be more damp than dry, you will need to either replace your soil, add some perlite, or ensure there is proper drainage.

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