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Honey Comb Inside The Attic Of A Phoenix Home

by: Beebe's Pest Control July 6, 2022

We were recently called out to the home of a resident in Phoenix to remove a massive honey comb from the inside of their attic. The homeowner reported a sticky substance dripping down from the wall and sure enough, it was honey. The picture below shows the inside of the attic exterior before we opened it up. The honey comb is seen seeping through the wooden structure and starting to form right through it.

photo credit: Beebe's pest control

A large honey comb can be quite heavy which can stress your walls of your home. Moreover, the honey within it can result in permanent stains and damage, including mold growth. The stench of the honey is our number one clue that a comb is nearby, especially in the Arizona heat, the honey can start to mold within weeks. Once we started opening up the structure, the reveal is simply amazing.

photo credit: Beebe's pest control

The different color in the wax shows where the honey was stored and where the colony raised brood in the comb. The lighter yellow comb at the top is where the bees stored their honey. The darker comb shows where the brood is being raised in the hive. We removed a full garbage bag of honeycomb, unfortunately there was nothing salvageable. We cleaned up the area & sealed it.

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